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As a registered architect in New York, USA, he has dedicated to develop his design research through the firm named TheeAe LTD since 2010. Previously he had worked on international projects in SOM New York office. His works included Mumbai International Airport, 5 Starred Hotels in Mumbai, Residential Tower in Abu Dabi, Dulles International Airport in USA with SOM etc. etc. While focusing on design and technical aspects of each projects in the firm, he built up his knowledge to manage the international projects from the beginning to the completion. Out of passion for design, he relocated to Hong Kong from the New York City in order to begin his new office, TheeAe Limited, in 2010. Since then, he has pursued his design language that brings uniqueness by means of organic forms that are evolved from repetitive processes of spatial and functional design study.

TheeAe is the abbreviated words of The Evolved Architectural Eclectic. In short, it is the ideas based on that the purpose of architectural design is not only for bringing functional needs but also creating a joy with uniqueness that people will find gratitude to see the environment constantly changing but yet connecting the past. It is simply the effort to make the characteristic of the environment to be more noticeable or representative than the present through the ideas of the new design. In its regard, he always believes in “the creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature” (By Eric Hoffer). The past and current environment is the nature and the new architecture is the way to bring the orders from the existing.

With his approach to the architecture, he will always seek to develop its ideas as a new medium to bring into the place where it is needed.


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网址 www.theeae.com
电子邮件 whcho@theeae.com


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地点: 香港
专业特长: 室内设计, 建筑设计