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蒙特利尔设计师 Jean de Lessard 拥有超过二十年的室内设计经验,作品涵盖酒店,餐厅,办公,精品店及其豪华住宅。2012年,获得美国芝加哥 Association of Retail Environment 奖。

With more than 20 years of experience, Montreal designer Jean de Lessard has designed numerous interiors, particularly in the commercial and deluxe residential sectors. His eclectic skills have led him to work on spaces of a diversity of vocations including hotels, restaurants, offices and boutiques.

Jean de Lessard, creative designers is one of the world’s pioneers of the creative development of individuals and societies in office development. Having amalgamated in its design practice many professional resources and findings of numerous socio-economic studies, the firm creates in 2012 the custom-made approach “Duality of the individual and the community”, an innovative approach that focuses on the diversity of space occupation patterns.

In February 2013, Jean de Lessard receives the prestigious award from the Association of Retail Environment in Chicago. His projects have won him awards in 2012 and 2010 from the International Property Awards in London, Britain. He has also won prizes from Intérieurs | Ferdie, the Commerce Design Montréal competition, and awards from the Institut de Design Montréal.


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地址 7091 8ème avenue. Montréal, Québec, Canada
电话 1.514.729.2732


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