Aiji Inoue


Aiji Inoue 作为室内设计师有十一年的从业经验,并获得很高的评价,于2011年创立 Doyle Collection 设计事务所。

Doyle Collection co. ltd. was established in 2011. (Head office Tokyo, Japan)

Aiji Inoue is CEO of Doyle Collection. Engaged as Interior Architect for 11years at a Japanese famous design studio. Created many projects and received high evaluation in every project. Most significant features of his works are not just creating one scene but sequence. Just one year Doyle Collection has been expanding the market from Japan to Asia and USA.



地址 1-20-3-302, Ebisu-minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan


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地点: 东京, 日本
专业特长: 室内设计