Next Level Studio


Next Level Studio is Czech young progressive studio which tries to release from everyday commonality. The Studio seeks unordinary solutions with high emphasis on functional and esthetical quality. Next Level Studio is not afraid to make experiments with new processes and methods like in project Cafébar which was the first project using parametric design method in Czech Republic.

Next Level Studio was established by Michal Kutalek in 2008, two years after finishing his study at CTU Prague. He had praxis at Eva Jiricna Office and collaborated on projects for multimedial artist Federico Diaz. Since 1999 he has worked simultaneously on his own projects. Michal Kutalek has received many international awards for his architecture and graphic works.


Michal Kutalek



事务所地址 Na Splavku 1182, Uherske Hradiste, 686 01, Czech Republic
电话 +420 605 434 423


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