Touei 房地产公司西宫分部


eleven nine interior design office 设计,位于日本兵库县。TOUEI 是一家总部位于东京的房地产公司,这是西宫分部的办公空间。


Floating Wooden Box

This was designed as the first Kansai office for a real estate company based in Tokyo.

After passing by the long tapestry in the entrance, there is a space for service. It is mildly zoned according to use. The window side is for very first meetings and primary and midterm meetings. The private room alongside the wall is for making contracts.

The space under the wooden box located at the center is a special place, which can be used in any occasion. Here, the partition is only waist-high, keeping ones privacy and at the same time maintaininga sense of visual freedom. Like a living room in a house, the wooden lighting box has a presence that everyone can come and feel at ease.

In addition, an office is located at the back of a long mortar-made counter. To be able to work relaxed in an office for a long time, lawn-colored flooring was laid. Also, by keeping the illumination fit to work in an office and at the same time arranging the lighting trough randomly, a lively change was made to the atmosphere.

Today also, warm light shines under the wooden box.


设计事务所 eleven nine interior design office
地点 日本
面积 145 平方米
摄影 Masayoshi Yamada




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地点: 日本