Gui 住宅


harunatsu-arch 设计,位于日本岛根县。业主是一对夫妇,简约的住宅,美丽的田园风光。室内布局紧凑,舒适。


The project site is located in the Izumo Plain made of sands carried by the Hii River, leading to Lake Shinji, and the Kobe River, leading to the Sea of Japan, in Izumo City of Shimane prefecture. It is known as a rice‐producing district in Shimane prefecture characterized by its Tsujimatsu windbreak forests, where open plains are uncommon. The northwest boundary of the site of 100 tsubo (330 square meters) is lined by trees of the Juniperus genus and a countryside view extends out opposite the street.

The client is a couple in their thirties. Since it is a small house with a total area of about 20 tsubo (66 square meters), the minimum necessary function is laid out in one-story structure. The living room window, raised 90 cm above the ground level to protect the privacy from the street, frames the view of the pastoral scenery and the client’s large oval table fits well without feeling crowded.  

There is an appropriate distance between the living room and the bedroom, with the bedroom’s floor being lowered, and there is a view to sunflowers through the window beyond which were planted for the soil improvement by the client. When one descends down to the bedroom, the private garden approaches, the living room window starts to frame only the sky, and the secured feeling is provided as if you are in a comfortable cellar. The furniture to divide two areas provides storage areas for daily use and the hidden doors in the furniture inside leads to storage under the living and dining floors. The storage area provided is abundant though the house is very compact in scale. The house is close to the clients’ work and to the clients’ parents’ house. They can enjoy gardening in the big yard, surrounded by beautiful pastoral scene. Occasional dinner visits from parents and friends are framed in a sunset view. This architecture realizes an ideal of compact, countryside living.


设计事务所 harunatsu-arch
地点 日本
项目建筑师 Shoko Murakaji, Naoto Murakaji
面积 68.74 平方米
摄影 Kai Nakamura




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本