Litterfall 伊斯坦布尔新文化中心方案设计


Ziya İmren Architects 设计,位于土耳其伊斯坦布尔。这是一座社会文化中文,创造一个友好的氛围,让人们在这里可以彼此分享他们的理念,艺术和文化在这里变得更加普及。


The main idea of social and cultural center, in a neighborhood in İstanbul at the coast side between Caddebostan and Pendik, is to create a space and atmosphere where people come together to share their ideas, talk, sing, paint, dance and create a social and cultural life to illuminate their own daily life. This small scale building typology is a very important building in Turkish architectural agenda, since it offers a comfortable place, where people can feel themselves at home and contribute to their own artworks. This is not a place for professional artists; this is a place for everyone, where the main idea is to bring people from different social and traditional strata’s, to share their life through the production of art and culture.

For this reason the first architectural idea is accumulation-gathering for a space where collective artworks become the main actor of space, to be able to combine the different lives. The idea of accumulation has two meanings. First it has a symbolic reference, the accumulation of people around this small scale building, and also the accumulation of culture and art from time to time. Second it becomes a tool for architectural design and method of construction.

Due to the fact that, the idea of sustainable construction and recycled material, a unit, re-used wooden pallet, is the core of the design, which fulfills all the aspects of space as a whole. Since architecture is also a culture, which should be transferred or should be an area for transformation, recycled material as a wooden pallet, a module with a specific dimension and try to juxtapose with the whole idea. The wooden pallet is also accumulated on top of each other to create the space, the mass, the shelter, the amphitheatre and also its own context at the coast side of İstanbul. The lightweight construction is a very simple mass and a sculptural social context at the same time. The artworks are everywhere, on top of the building, on the amphitheatre, inside the space, on the courtyard… People lay down, sleep, sing, dance, talk, share the space, and share the culture and art. The proposal offers a comfortable context through a very simple method of construction, and a recycled material, the wooden pallets.

The tectonic language is also created through this idea of accumulation; the light is invited from the wooden recycled material inside the building, which creates a demand to touch the surfaces, or a demand to follow the diffused light. The dynamic movement of upper shelter is also reflected to inner space. The recycled material creates an effect of experience through its worn effect, instead of shinny-packed, clear- cut inner and outer spaces.

To summarize; the main idea of social and cultural center is to transfer the idea of the cultural accumulation, to architectural accumulation through one single modest recycled material and method of construction and create an atmosphere and spatial language with the tectonic meaning of recycling.


设计事务所 Ziya İmren Architects
项目建筑师 Ziya İmren, Kıvılcım Duruk, Tolga İltir
地点 土耳其, 伊斯坦布尔




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目录: 建筑, 文化