Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates 设计,位于日本。到了秋季当地会刮起寒冷的西风,采用三角形设计和抑制建筑物的荷载,可以有效的抵御寒风。


This residential house is introduced from the ambient surrounding and the conditions of site planning.

In winter seasons, the strong west wind (the fall wind of Ibuki) blows in this area

So it is the plan of suppressing the load of the building by extending its roof up to the close to the ground soil and fending off cold winds at the roof.

In summer seasons, it is the structure that discharges the accumulated heat inside to the outside through the VOID of the inner court and the central VOID installed various parts.

The openings face only to the courtyards in the east and west of the site and there is none in the north and south.

This way heat penetration in summer and heat loss in winter via the openings can be controlled.

Living rooms and patios are arranged in turn inside the triangle volume, which makes an explicit proposal about closeness between life and nature.

However, the most important feature in the house design should be how communication among family members can be assured.

For that matter, the design has many elements to encourage communication; for example, a kitchen facing the entrance (to provide an opportunity for a mother to meet her children when they come home), a children’s room spreading throughout the second floor (four daughters share it), and an open ceiling space (a louver type floor) which the voices of family members can get through.

Considering the site context, external elements, heat environment, family communication, structure plan and cost, I decided to select a triangle design.


设计事务所 佐々木勝敏建築設計事務所
地点 日本, 岐阜
项目建筑师 Katsutoshi Sasaki
面积 site 130.64 m2 / building 74.54 m2 / total floor 106.42 m2
摄影 Toshiyuki Yano




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本, 岐阜