Tickets – 巴洛克式休闲酒吧


El Equipo Creativo 设计,位于西班牙。Tickets 是一个巴洛克式休闲酒吧,绚丽的色彩,俏皮的风格,给客人带来一个全新的体验。


Tickets is a baroque, casual, colorful, naughty space, formed by various bars representing temporary kiosks inside a festival. Each bar responds to a gastronomic concept and they don’t look for unity but for differentiation and surprise. It aims to have of a new experience in each new visit to the restaurant. At the same time, the graphic image is that of a chaotic theater play where the plot flows through a mixture of concepts, colors, characters and letters, halfway between Dada and cabaret.

In the west side we find the area inspired in the Mediterranean sea and its bluish colors, its wavy surface, the special brightness of its light, the Barceloneta area, its chaos, the freshness and color of its terraces. In the east side there is the area related to the city of Barcelona, its excitement, its party, the Parallel Avenue, its shows, the night, the festival. And between both sides, dominating the entrance, there is The Cabin, the naughtiest area, a lighthouse, a meeting point… “Buy your ticket for La Vida Tapa show”.

In its perimeter, the cabinet windows offer the most cultural face of the space, explaining to guests and passers-by the history of tapas, their origins, how tapas are called around the world, etc.


设计事务所 El Equipo Creativo
地点 西班牙
设计师 Natali Canas del Pozo and Oliver Franz Schmidt; Collaborators: Mireia Gallego, Lucas Echeveste Lacy
面积 300 平方米
摄影 Pedro Pegenaute




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