Leo Pizzo 罗马精品店


Diego Bortolato Architetto and Gianluca Re Arch. 设计,位于意大利罗马。延续着品牌店贯有的风格,木质家俱,天然石材,打造温馨舒适的气氛。


Furniture project developed four hands with Arch. Gianluca Re, for the jewelry brand Leo Pizzo, who arrives for his first time in Rome, in the central Via Del Babuino, to 154 / A. Intervention carried out with the collaboration of the historical construction company and museum Goppion Spa Trezzano. The project started from the need to mediate a sales area characterized by internal exposure with counter and display cases, and a more private area with a small suspended table. Lime Stucco to walls raised to 4 cm from the floor, juxtaposed to the natural bronze, bronze galvanized, natural stone and the walnut Piedmont characterized by strongly contrasting veins. A single tree is spread over all the furnishings. Characteristic, then the use of laminated glass interposed with linen and silk.


设计事务所 Diego Bortolato Architetto and Gianluca Re Arch.
设计师 Diego Bortolato and Gianluca Re
面积 38 m2
摄影 Daniela Bortolato




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目录: 室内, 商业
地点: 意大利, 罗马