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Autogrill 是意大利著名的旅游餐饮及零售服务提供商,这是 UXUS 为其设计的米兰新店。与传统式的休闲餐饮风格不同,开放式的厨房,整个制作过程透明,拉近了与顾客之间的距离。


“The Market Place”

Autogrill, the world’s leading provider of food & beverage services for travelers, invited UXUS to develop a new concept for Ciao restaurant in Autogrill’s newest location, Villoresi Est in Milan. Ciao is Autogrill’s most established brand, with an international presence in the United States and Europe.

The new concept breaks away from traditional casual dining formats by offering an explorative and non-linear experience for diners. Refreshing Ciao to a new market-inspired look, the concept is designed to engage all senses and create an exciting stage for fresh food preparation.

Reflecting the Villoresi location’s demographic, the Ciao experience appeals to a wide variety of clients. The customer journey is organized into a series of “stations”, ranging from delicatessen to grill, salad, desserts and pasta stations. Each dining offer is paired with a shopping opportunity to complete the experience and reinforce Ciao’s culinary credentials.

Individual food stations feature large display counters, inviting customers to pick their meals and drinks. Each station has an element of “exhibition cooking” and abundant food merchandizing to entice the senses. Whether selecting items to take-away or sitting down, there is a sense of interaction with the people preparing food just for you.

Packaged food displays are paired with kitchen and restaurant fare to offer clients an intuitive way to further experience the market. A combination of tiered wooden shelves and sculpted stone plays against simple “crate-like” structures around walls to provide impact and stimulate the eyes.

Linking the adjacent deli shop and Ciao, a traditionally inspired salumeria, Territori D’Italia, extends into a wine bar with view into the restaurant’s open kitchen. At the front of the bar, a “small plates” and patisserie station provides service to both seated and walk-up customers, with a dedicated bar inviting clients to enjoy aperitifs before or in between meals.


设计事务所 UXUS
地点 意大利, 米兰
面积 200 平方米
摄影 Dim Balsem




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地点: 意大利, 米兰