Hearts 夜总会室内设计


Slick+Designusa 设计,位于美国芝加哥市。一个奢华娱乐空间,黑色和红色成为主色调,具有现代夜总会装饰和照明最新的设计理念。温馨独特,富有活力。


Hearts. It feels like a penthouse loft after party if your after party-throwing friend lived in a radically rehabbed warehouse. Scheduled to open at 1117 North Branch, Chicago, Hearts is small enough to feel intimate and exclusive and definitely large enough to “bring the party”.

Hearts Nightclub is the newest concept from Sound-Bar Hospitality, the brilliant minds behind Sound-Bar, Y, Crescendo, and Zentra and masterminded by top local designer Rocco Laudizio of Slick+Designusa. Responsible for the award winning designs of Sound-Bar and Y Bar, Laudizio has worked in collaboration on numerous projects with the group.

Sophistication, exclusivity, vibrancy and intensity were the inspirations for Hearts. And as party-goers gather outside the minimalist avant-garde architecture of the black, gloss brick exterior, they may prepare themselves to enter through a black tile lined hallway drawing them toward the luxe-industrial environment they will be privy to. Backlit LED, large format, black and white gallery images printed on glass panes and spotlights housed within the warehouse-style building illuminate the space. The interior walls and VIP flooring are finished in dark wood and glazed natural stone thin brick. Red glass framing with an almost futuristic glow makes up the peek-through, back bar liquor display, which allows guests to catch glimpses of alluring goings on across the club. Beneath guests’ feet, black stained Ash planks cover the VIP areas while stainless steel floor tiles make up the dance floor. Black carpet and gloss vinyl cover the remaining areas and finish off the space with functionality and flash. Stainless steel doors and ornate gray wall covering give nod to sophistication. Guests may make themselves comfortable sipping anything from a top-shelf martini to a punk-rock PBR on the extensive black booth seating that lines Heart’s interior perimeter. These luxurious seating areas were and designed to complement the super posh penthouse living room feel the space so adeptly hints at.

Hearts is focused on maintaining a captivating environment with enthralling aesthetics and top-shelf service and is excited to provide a welcome atmosphere to all guests by encouraging them to start and end their night in this seductive establishment.


设计事务所 Slick+Designusa
地点 美国, 芝加哥
设计团队 Rocco Laudizio, Alicia Kelly, Michelle Trudo, Marissa Iacovoni
摄影 Darkroom Daemons




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地点: 美国, 芝加哥