M 住宅




House ‘M’ is located in a rural area surrounded by mountains in Yamaguchi-Prefecture, Japan.

The clients, a couple who used to work long hours in the busy city, wanted a quiet house in the nature in relation to the rhythm of the sun.

This small house (100m2) was designed so that the clients would be able to wake up every morning and enjoy the soft light of the rising sun. The exterior walls of the house are made of a semi translucent tent material which allows the sun to penetrate softly inside the house. The exterior skin protects the house from the rain, the direct sunlight and also acts as an insulation barrier. The construction of the house is simple and is made of a traditional wood frame structure. In the night, the interior light glows outside like a graceful lantern in the landscape.


设计事务所 舞田恵子建築設計事務所
地点 日本
项目建筑师 Keiko Maita
面积 site 340 m2 / building 107 m2
摄影 Yoshiharu Matsumura




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本