J 住宅




The “House J” is a small house (100m2) situated in Yamaguchi-prefecture, Japan.

This house was designed for a client in need of privacy and seclusion from the outside.

The site is narrow (120m2) and is surrounded by residences.

The “House J” has three floors that are built around a small inner garden.

1st floor: dining room, kitchen, family space.

2nd floor: study, reading space.

3rd floor: bedroom.

The three floors are connected together by a roof terrace.

The spaces of the house are open toward the inner garden.

The inner garden is also visible from the roof terrace.

The inner garden is exclusive in a narrow site but the continuity between the interior and exterior spaces increases the size of the house.


设计事务所 舞田恵子建築設計事務所
地点 日本
项目建筑师 Keiko Maita
面积 site 126.61 m2 / building 63.15 m2 / total floor 97.56 m2
摄影 Yoshiharu Matsumura




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地点: 日本