The Wave


Arcgency & Lendager Arkitekter. Local architect, Alliance. 设计,位于挪威奥斯陆。这是一个咖啡厅和餐厅,木结构建筑,圆锥形形状,屋顶是一个大型阳光露台,传统的挪威式建筑。


Bølgen (the wave) is a multi-functional meeting place – primarily a restaurant and café, but also a setting for activities such as concerts and conferences. The building combines the Norwegian tradition for wood buildings with new digital production methods and sustainable energy solutions. The construction and the geometry were inspired by boat building’s plastic design. In the large two-story space are seven trunks that branch out and support the roof structure and the floating facade shell. The shell, which twists like a wave, is one continuous surface consisting of four cone shapes that divide the tangent line and top point. The facade’s rational geometry implies that the clapboard siding boards are all the same, and only vary in length. The wood, which is heat and sugar impregnated has a durability of thirty years. The entire construction has the character of an umbrella, under which the various functions can be freely moved about. This flexibility is underscored by the surrounding glass screen that can slide aside so the building becomes one with the dock. In addition, the roof is accessible as a large sun terrace.


设计事务所 Arcgency & Lendager Arkitekter. Local architect, Alliance.
面积 2 000 平方米
摄影 Mads Møller




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地点: 挪威, 奥斯陆