American Tower




Inspired by the geometry of telecommunication antennas, we created the volumes of the spaces: unplumb walls that play with the depths in the circulation areas and bring to mind the guy cables used in the towers.

The project was developed into two levels over a former commercial building. It comprises 3,500 sqm of offices and 900 sqm of terrace. We incorporated to the design some existing elements like apparent concrete ceilings, polished concrete flooring and arabescato marble, in order to create a sense of history and belonging to the former space. Low-height furniture that promotes collaboration, branding that represents the DNA of the company, and corporate colors complement the space.

The inclination of the walls, the intersecting of the drop ceiling volumes and the ceiling lighters, and the carpet patterns all together create an atmosphere with an interesting geometric play that evokes an industrial space. The private spaces and meeting rooms are located along the blind walls of the facades in order to let the maximum natural light into the workspace, as well as to expand the views towards the outside.

A large glass facade allows the terrace to dialogue directly with the interior. A play of volumes was created by setting mesh wooden boxes that are interconnected through diagonal walkways, which give the space fluidity and movement. Two shade sails were placed to control temperature and sunlight exposure.


设计事务所 Space
地点 墨西哥, 墨西哥城
设计师 Juan Carlos Baumgartner, Gabriel Téllez
面积 37,675 square feet
摄影 Paul Czitrom




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