SA 住宅


SHATOTTO architecture for green living 设计,位于孟加拉达卡市。水是孟加拉国最丰富也是最珍贵的资源,与生活密不可分,设计的灵感正来源于此。



water, the most precious and abundant in bangladesh with life subtly woven in the midst of it, is making the country one of a toil and poetry. bangladesh the largest delta on earth has 800 water channels that carry water from the himalayas in an intricate pattern to the bay of bengal, during monsoon these rivers inundate two third of the country’s landmass depicting water the major element of the landscape. when the water recedes, it leaves a fine layer of fertile alluvial soil and the entire landscape is transformed into large patches of paddy fields dancing with winds.

as lalon, a mystic minstrel, sufi and philosopher of this land said in the eighteenth century, “if there is not one thing inside the body then it is not outside the body either”. just like human body, there is a body of architecture. human body has two parts, shell and thinking as soul. architecture has similar shell and mother nature as soul. shell and soul are interdependent yet independent. they belong to each other and they belong to themselves. a good soul needs a good shell.


in this three storied single family residence, the shell is a pure square made of single material ‘concrete’ transformed from celestial form sphere grounded and the thinking (soul) is the mother nature conversing with the shell.

the site is surrounded by multi storied building as onlookers. considering the socio economic condition of dhaka, a very simple architectural vocabulary adopted through a subtle intervention with form, material and vegetation. also, in the current trend of real estate development, this residence has been a challenge particularly placing a water court as swimming pond in the middle of the house, a surely difficult task to ensure privacy. as a result, an introvert design has been adopted.

in the s.a residence, traditional space qualities, from both urban and rural typologies are merged. the courtyard connected to the adjacent pond in traditional typology transformed into the urban context and created a quad of water symbolizing nothingness yet containing the power vase of capturing, reflecting and refracting the sky, flying birds, smiling sun, shying moon, and the composed cosmos as a whole. the south and the southeast have been designed to bring in cool breeze during the hot humid summer and the warmth of the sun during winter. the central “water court” acts as natural exhaust system and getaway for hot air and makes the middle court a solace.


a small dingi boat waiting by the ghat, a patch green and light with its silence, the space becomes a natural habitat within a manmade dwelling, with layers of insight to unfold nothingness.


设计事务所 SHATOTTO architecture for green living
地点 孟加拉国, 达卡
面积 site 1112.45 m2 / building 1920.72 m2
摄影 Daniele Domenicali




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 孟加拉国, 达卡