Ki 咖啡馆


日本设计事务所 id 设计,位于东京世田谷区。纯白色的空间,每一张桌子都被精心打造。钢制桌腿成树性结构,仿佛置身于一片森林中,大大增加了舒适感。


Cafe Ki opened in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo in Japan, designed by Japanese design office id.

Ki means a tree in Japanese.

It is a cafe where coffee and pastries can be enjoyed in a space like a yard or a forest.

The pure white space enhances the espresso colored trees.

The “tree” standing inside the café takes a role as a table leg made of steel.

Hats and coats can be hung on the highly extended table legs.

Although a large number of people can sit around the big table,

it can maintain a sense of comfortable distance while sharing the table

with a different group since wooden branches help to divide the space on the table.

Moreover, the leg of the table randomly stands and those who sit down can freely choose a place where to sit.


设计事务所 id
地点 日本, 东京
设计师 Seiji Oguri, Yohei Oki
摄影 N. Yamauchi




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