Dream Dairy Farm Store


Moriyuki Ochiai Architects 设计,位于日本。客户是一个经营奶制品,糖果和面包的零售店。绿色和白色成为主色调,唤起人们农场的意象,新鲜和充满活力。


–Unity under the luminous aura of milk–

The following interior design was realized for a retail store of a company which runs its own dairy farm, featuring products, such as dairy products, sweets and bread, made using milk form said farm as the main ingredient.

Since the distinctive characteristic of their products is the fact that fresh milk produced at the dairy farm is used in each and all of their products, we were tasked with providing a space to attractively display said products by evoking the imagery associated with milk and the farm throughout the entire space.

Another important merit of these products is the aura that seems to emanate from the key ingredient, milk, which is why a pervasive milky light radiates from the luminous body made from layered resin boards (incidentally, a material also used in the roofs of cowsheds) placed at the center of the space.

Paint with a green color gradation suggestive of the forests surrounding the meadows was applied to the walls, gently enfolding the interior while conveying the impression of a fresh and invigorating woodland.

The milky layered luminous body reveals intricate expressions of light depending on where one is standing and looking to. An ever-changing shower of light follows the viewer, enabling a pleasant stroll through the interior of the shop.

Floating dynamic modeled “milky” aluminum objects appear to intertwine with the luminous body as they reflect and amplify the milky light and colors from the walls in combination with the white suspended quadrangle objects, thereby further diversifying one’s experience of the space’s depth and expanse.

Since the milky luminous body consists of layers of glossy translucent resin boards, their state of overlapping will be perceived differently depending on the visitor’s relative line of sight at any given time. Moreover, the light reflected off and penetrating the resin boards, the shine from the “milky” aluminum and the surrounding green color all come together to produce intricate and constantly evolving expressions.

The shape of store fixtures molded using “milky” organic curves expresses the freshness and vibrant vitality of milk.

The entire space brings unity to the green color gradation, the shiny molded aluminum objects and the fixtures with organic curves under the luminous aura of milk.

It is a space that sends a perspicuous image as a store seeking to make fresh and high quality products from dairy farm milk, which is at the base of all their products.


设计事务所 Moriyuki Ochiai Architects
地点 日本, 千叶
面积 86 平方米
摄影 atsushi ishida




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目录: 室内, 商业
地点: 日本, 千叶