Villa Anemolia


MPLUSM Architects 设计,位于希腊圣托里尼。简洁,完美。白色外观,拱形结构,极具希腊风格。


This renovation is in Megalochori, an introverted and quiet village in Santorini. Dealing with a preexisting house, we wanted Villa Anemolia to reach a level of heightened simplicity. The three vaulted rooms were preserved with minimum alterations. All previous furniture was removed -we chose built-in beds, wardrobes that merge with the walls and wooden sofa beds that flank the living area. Traditional vaulted structures in Santorini are typically cavernous, embedded in the volcanic soil and this building is no exception: windows open only to the side of the courtyard. Thus we opted for additional light sources: new skylights and small wall recesses with embedded lights offer a dispersal of luminosity from hidden light sources. New planted areas in the courtyard and roof terrace upgrade all outdoor areas and become the primary backdrop for a pleasant stay.


设计事务所 Mplusm Architects
地点 希腊
项目建筑师 Memos Filippidis, Marita Nikoloutsou
面积 120 平方米
摄影 Memos Filippidis




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 希腊