Barrilito 墨西哥城办事处


DIN interiorismo 设计,位于墨西哥。开放式的办公空间,选择黑色和白色作为主色调,墙纸设计独具特色。


Barrilito offices are located in Mexico City and the interior design project was done by DIN interiorismo. The main target of this important Mexican company is a continuous reinvention, therefore a mayor change in their image was done to remain valid and keep on consolidating as well as they have done it until today.

The project made by interior designer Aurelio Vázquez Durán and his team aimed to give the company an elegant image, without losing their good sense of humor. The areas are very spacious and to make the most of them, the designers searched for the right combination of materials, textures and colors to enhance the personality of the environment.

The color palette is dominated by brown, black and white, and a wide selection of their shades creating a nice contrast to the metropolitan sight that comes through the windows that surround the whole space. The client requested special furniture for the exhibition of the wide variety of items produced by the company, which were placed at different points.

In the glass partitions and some walls, monochrome and full color graphics, were applied to meet the safety regulations and also emphasize the dynamic environment of the company. The closed offices partitions were also done in glass to fully exploit the natural light coming through the surrounding windows. When going into the offices it stands out the wallpaper with Javier Mariscal´s designs.

The most important concepts in the operative area are teamwork and functionality and to fulfill this objective it was planned as an open space. To break the monotony of the apparent installations on the ceiling a group of flowerpots was suspended to catch the eye. In the dining and waiting room there are large windows with magnificent views of the city.

The meeting room is shaped as an auditorium and is very wide. The big steps and the variety of colors stand out and also give the necessary dynamic to reinforce the flexibility and diversity of functions that this area can have.


设计事务所 DIN interiorismo
地点 墨西哥, 墨西哥城
设计师 Aurelio Vázquez
面积 680 平方米
摄影 Arturo Chávez López




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