Nikola 观景台


MAKS 设计的这个观景台位于俄罗斯。建筑富有艺术气息,在融入当地景观的同时也像一个手势那样成为一个标志性景观。


“Entwining Archstoyanie”

We propose a belvedere that is as much art as landscape, as much object as experience. A simple iconic element, and yet an intelligent gesture that fits the spirit of our times.

A single line becomes a path, bends upward to become a tower, folds back to become a space for performances, moves down to, finally, turn into a path again, fading into the landscape. A single gesture creates a multitude of opportunities and brings its guest numerous physical and visual experiences.

Compared to the existing, sturdier towers in the park, this white ribbon is light, seemingly dissolving into the sky. It’s made of repetitive structural elements of recycled material. It is modeled with advanced software techniques, but based on construction principles of Russian towers from the past.

“Entwining Archstoyanie” addresses all scales of its context. Its physical configuration allows for many different interpretations, which gives future users the freedom to use it in all ways imaginable.

This white ribbon represents the sign of unity and continuity, addressing the very spirit of Archstoyanie itself.


设计事务所 MAKS
类型 Viewing tower & visitor center
客户 Archstoyanie
地点 Nikola Lenivets, Russia
团队 Julia Boromissza, Jelmer Buurma, Susie Newman, Marieke Kums
状态 Competition, shortlisted




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目录: 景观, 构筑物
地点: 俄罗斯