Simone Micheli 设计,位于意大利佛罗伦萨市。设计概念在于传统与现代的互动,美丽的古老砖墙,时尚现代的装饰,所有的家具和陈设都是由设计师亲自设计。


Imagine being on the slopes of the hills of Settignano, taking a walk between the olive trees, surrounded by the impressive Renaissance villas.

Something you didn’t expect that caps what you did expect is going to happen: hiding behind a XXth century facade, there is an impressive surprise for visitors: it’s about the amazing view they can discover from second floor windows and from the cut-away roof terrace.

Simone Micheli’s project is made of this amazing view reflecting on multiple mirrored surfaces.

The Architect says “I designed this House as a free, flexible, sheltered place. My focus was the everyday life so I’ve worked on an hospitable space made to meet friends in an unconventional way.

I tried to represent the meaning of life for me and my wife Roberta: I’ve worked on white surfaces liven up with some bright green and orange walls.

This house is a metropolitan refuge made of light, where ancient and contemporary interact through colors, surfaces enhancement, and lighting design.”

A clash between two centuries: the union of two small apartments with very different characteristics through a difficult demolition work (plasters, floors, false ceilings, part of a floor and some portions of the partition walls),

A courageous structural engineering plan has allowed Simone Micheli to create a unique, bright space, and has exceeded the limits of the building’s solid walls and the recent anti-seismic regulations. The result is a bright outdoor environment connecting all the rooms in a spacious open space. The original wood door was dismantled and reassembled on an armored door. On the other side the door has been decorated with a laser cut quote over a mirror back panel.

Now the house is on three levels: the overall height was used in order to create a sort of joke making intermediate floors: solids and voids, bedrooms e living room.

Living room, dining room and kitchen are part of the same area: the idea is to mix these spaces to share actions and functions.

This main round floor is directly connected with a bath and also with the guest room: both of these rooms are characterized by white doors with silver chrome handle.

In some part of the house the beautiful ancient brick wall is revealed in order to remind the techniques of the medieval architecture. A veil of white lime plaster allows now to perceive the geometries, the connections and the different degrees of roughness of each stone.

Furniture and furnishings are all designed by Simone Micheli: the project is really consistent, balanced and originally essencial..


地点 意大利, 佛罗伦萨
面积 186 平方米
摄影 Juergen Eheim




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