Orproject and ecoLogic Studio 设计,位于意大利米兰。Aqua Garden 是一个分布式的雨水收集和蓄水的生态系统。


Aqua Garden is an artificial garden that functions as a distributed rain collector feeding micro-ecosystems and as a water storage system. Unlike conventional recycling system Aquagarden does not hide its functional apparatus, rather it embodies it in its structured matrix, the branching system.

Aquagarden operates by expanding the climatic effects latent within the management of water and its transitional state (e.g. evaporation). Rain water becomes the protagonist of the perceptual games and of gardening processes, opening new potentials in the conception of ecologic infrastructures for the built environment.

The installation was designed and constructed by Orproject and ecoLogic Studio for the Milan International Furniture Fair 2007.


设计事务所 Orproject and ecoLogic Studio




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Aquagarden, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
目录: 景观, 构筑物
地点: 意大利, 米兰