MAMIYA SHINICHI DESIGN STUDIO 设计,位于日本。倾斜的坡面,黑色外观,远离街道的喧嚣。享受都市难觅的宁静。


The house deal with eye level from inside and outside.

The client’s requirement of bright inner space and unique facade

slanted away from the road.

It stand at the corner of long straight street and faced the south,

need to take a sun light and prevent direct view from passers at the same time.

Then we discussed the idea slanting away from the street.

It makes prevent direct view from the street, and leads families eyesight to above the sky.

And also from widow at slanted wall they can take bright light.

Arched shaped window at the lower position, house-shaped in the middle and square shape in the upper, each level makes a landscape different view.


地点 日本, 岐阜
项目建筑师 Shinichi Mamiya, Rena Hashirikawa
面积 site 281.01 m2 / Building size is 1st floor 57.97m2, 2nd floor 46.99m2/ floor 104.96 m2
摄影 Makoto Matsubara




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地点: 日本, 岐阜