MOVEDESIGN 设计,位于日本东京。空间设计突显细腻与别致,舒适的色彩,让生活回归本真。


This is a relocation project for the company store of ‘WHEREABOUTS’, men’s apparel bland. The store is planed as a place to give a presentation to introduce outlook on the world of WHEREABOUTS. The bland’s image is “Men having both unsophisticated and elegancy”, it sounds it’s not perfect and we can see quite human somewhere in this bland. I thought it would fit the outlook on the world of this bland that I design the space which is delicate and graceful and we can be attached somewhere. The floor face is composed of 5 patterns conifer plywood and 2 kinds of mosaic tiles. These are the combination of different several kinds of elements but I created harmony by designing valance of line and surface, color and texture thoroughly. To show the floor which is the core part of this design and the bland’s items, the other factors are removed as much as possible. Doors for fitting rooms and the backyard are sliding walls to make their existence invisible. Display tables and the reception counter are also made with slender legs not to show as objects to make people aware of this space. People can feel and experience manifold abundance of this bland in this place.


地点 日本, 东京
项目建筑师 Mikio Sakamoto
面积 45 m2




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目录: 室内, 商业
地点: 日本, 东京