Shining Deep Well


MOVEDESIGN 设计,位于日本。这是一所住宅,三面被其它建筑物所包围,就像一口深井。有三层高,一层是店面。二层和三层是居住空间。


This small tall house is located in a civic center section, small stores stand in a line around it. This is a dwelling with shop. The black tube lead to the soba noodle restaurant behind the pilotis on the first floor. This site has a narrow frontage and long shape in the back. The building has 3 floors, the pilotis and the tenant on the first (ground) floor, residence on the second and third floors, these floors are combined gently by skip floors. I designed the facade simple and put the entrance tube on 1/3 of the ground and the open space for the others not to oppress passers-by. In this area, people hold events often and then this pilotis can be used as multipurpose space for neighborhood. The section of the residence, private space and water surroundings are on the second floor, living, dining and kitchen are on the third floor. There is a glass case for stairs between living and dining space, it divides one room on third floor but let visual line through. Also, the living space adjoin two balconies on different kinds of level. When the owner have home party, people can move freely in one connected space but there are some areas that have different mood with different people. Moreover, these balconies are surrounded by walls, so that people don’t have to care outside’s glance. The ceiling is high and there are windows on the high level to let daylights in because this house is surrounded by buildings on three sides. This house is like a deep well, shut out by walls but it gathers sunlight above the sky. The idea matches this site condition.


地点 日本, 福冈
项目建筑师 Mikio Sakamoto
面积 site 81.94 m2 / total floor 159.94 m2 / Architectural 65.31 m2
摄影 Yousuke Harigane




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本, 福冈