MOVEDESIGN 设计,位于日本。客厅,餐厅,厨房,卧室和客房合理规划和布局,展现多元化的生活方式。


I started to think about this house plan having questions about ordinary plans of houses that has living room, dining kitchen and private rooms. I asked myself, ” Is this ordinary standardization house style the best for sure in our diversified lifestyles? In this house, I put a floor mold in the middle of this house which Japanese houses used to have it as usual. This floor mold exists as a passage way for all moves room to room, such as from LDK to private rooms, to utility room (bath room, restroom), from the entrance to objective rooms… This open ceiling space gets the sun light and sunshine filtering through trees, family and fiends come together in the floor mold and have conversation, sometimes they watch movies or read books, also it can be a special room for their hobbies like bikes. This space is like “reflection”, family see him or herself objectively inside the house, it makes their relation deepen and their life happy.


地点 日本, 福冈
项目建筑师 Mikio Sakamoto
面积 site 202.62 m2 / total floor 173.53 m2 / Architectural 87.58 m2
摄影 Yousuke Harigane




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本, 福冈