spicebox 办公室


这是 nendo 设计事务所为数字媒体公司 spicebox 的办公室所做的室内设计。设计师在办公空间里精心设计了7个盒子似的会议室,每个会议室都有一座弧度的墙作为入口。整个设计完美契合了客户的品牌名称,以及所传达的理念。


The office space design for spicebox, a comprehensive digital agency that works across strategic planning, interactive promotion and creative digital marketing, and is part of the Hakuhodo stable. The firm’s name symbolises the ability to deliver surprises and delight, like a variety of stimuli that come tumbling out of a box, so we placed seven box-shaped meeting rooms of differing sizes and finishes around the office, all of which are entered by a wall that has been ‘flipping open’.

Each box is ‘opened’ in a slightly different way, subtly connecting interior and exterior and shaping sightlines to create a spatial experience in which each box reveals itself as you walk around the room. The flipped-open entrances turn the area around each box into a semi-open communication corner, and functional elements that don’t need to be on display like the photocopier, waste bins and refrigerator can be hidden behind the boxes. Our idea was to make not only the boxes’ interior but also the area around them into an active office environment where people can easily work and interact.


设计事务所 nendo Inc.
设计师 Oki Sato
地点 日本, 东京
摄影 Daici Ano




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