Molino Real


Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados 设计,位于西班牙。对老建筑物进行改造,尊重原有的生态景观,在保留历史和文化价值同时,融入新的现代元素。


Located in the Valencian countryside, this powerful intervention takes place on a heritage site of previously little architectural value endowed, nevertheless, with a great landscape of historical significance. The whole set is called ‘El Martinet’- in the municipality of Paterna and the province of Valencia – and constitutes the largest historical and monumental set of flour mills, restored and listed as national cultural heritage. Since its rehabilitation, its functionality has been established as a business and convention centre for the region.

The special configuration of this large and completely irregular plot, originally led to the establishment of diverse constructions of an agricultural nature, intended for the use and generic typology of mills. These were known as Ferrando, Testar and Escaleta. The whole area of influence of the project covers approximately 12,000sq.m. and is characterized by being crossed by several branches of the Acequia de Moncada.

The historical and cultural value of some of the buildings in the Gran Molino Real set has determined the strategy for their conservation, rehabilitation and commissioning. This was done by adapting the historical typology to new uses and replacing the obsolete and dilapidated buildings with a new volume, incorporating vital services and infrastructures and requiring new uses as described in the new town planning agreement.

The implementation of the whole landscape stands out by a respectful attitude towards the environment; as much with the buildings to be protected as with the Acequia de Moncada. Also, fields of orange trees adjacent to the building used for parking use, without altering its nature and by using its scenic value. The project included the conservation and enhancement of the existing landscape with woodland areas while providing relevant safety measures to the irrigation channel area using elements such as low-impact plants.

The materials used for the rehabilitation of specific unique elements try to imitate the originals, in contrast to the new buildings constructed from using new and much lighter materials. A structure of iron, glazed elements and steel sheet wall coverings have been used in this context, with the intention of taking the material of the existing silos as reference. The fragmented appearance, which coexists with the existing architecture, reinforces its appearance in the case of the annexed pavilions protected by the whole typology.


设计事务所 Isabel López Vilalta + Asociados
地点 西班牙, 瓦伦西亚
摄影 Roberto D’Lara




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