BH 多功能文化中心, 奥地利


frediani+gasserarchitettura 设计,位于奥地利。建筑外墙采用钴蓝色和红色,温暖而炫彩;内部空间多采用白色和灰色,宁静而中性。室内大厅,最多可容纳1000名观众,被设计成适合多种用途:音乐会,庆祝活动,展览,和表演。


The Blumenhalle, the new multi-purpose center of St. Veit/Glan, is located in a peripheral area with no particular urban quality. The building, a simple and compact volume, stands out against the anonymous context for its colorful facades, rising above a continuous band broken by entrances and openings. Its coating is made from panels specifically made for outdoor use in a local factory. Colors are applied in vertical stripes with 3 variations of red and some touches of cobalt blue that acts as a contrast color on the warm colored background. Inside the building, however, the space is neutral and serene; white and gray furnishing contrasts starkly with the exuberance of external facades. From the large glazed foyer you do perceive random fragments of the surrounding cityscape: cars, people, buildings, trees. Not still frames, but a kind of continuous viewing, almost like a movie. The indoor hall, which can accommodate up to 1,000 spectators, is defined by slightly sloping walls and closed by several hanging bands, in order to make the acoustics of the space effective and flexible. The room, in fact, was designed as a space suitable for many purposes: music festivals, concerts, events, exhibitions, fairs and shows. The space in front of the Blumenhalle is a public square featured by the alternating rhythm of concrete slabs and green strips, interrupted by the presence of long prefabricated benches hiding, under the seat, the artificial lighting. The intense color of the volume refers, more or less, directly to the elegant ceramic tiles coating of the mosques in the Middle East.


设计事务所 frediani+gasserarchitettura
地点 奥地利
面积 2 011 平方米
摄影 Ferdinand Neumüller, Elizabeth Handl




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地点: 奥地利