MOVEDESIGN 设计,位于日本佐世保市,精致的三层住宅。


This house is located on a small hill in the city Sasebo, Japan.

The concept is to fully display the potential of this site that we can look over 360° .

This building is considering how to divide the spaces making changes with a relationship between inside and outside.

There are 3 living rooms in 3 different floors in this house and they each have a different role.

For the1st floor, this living room becomes a patio when it’s opened by two wide windows placed North and South.

For the 2nd floor, the ceiling is up to the top throughout the 3rd floor and this space has a few square windows that cut different views like pictures.

For the 3rd floor, this living room takes scenery of the North by windows that lead to the veranda.

These 3 spaces are openly connected.

They have different conditions for each but also they synchronize in one living space.

That means this house doesn’t need to partition into rooms individually but also bring undulation seamless by making gradation of how these spaces exist.


地点 日本, 长崎
项目建筑师 Mikio Sakamoto
面积 site 761.16 m2 / total floor 148.83 m2 / Architectural 106.50 m2
摄影 Yousuke Harigane




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地点: 日本, 长崎