White Colony


Keikichi Yamauchi architect and associates 设计,位于日本札幌市。简约的日式住宅,注重周边环境,控制建筑成本。


The site is located in a quiet residential area, which is off a highway along a medium size road. In addition to houses, wooden rented apartments, offices, and shops are mixed in somewhat sparsely among the neighborhood.

This building has a rather large volume for a house, and is also larger than the neighboring buildings. Therefore, we intended to fit the building into the surrounding context.

Many windows and projections are made on the exterior walls. The sizes of these were decided based on the window sizes that were found from a survey of the surrounding buildings.

We intended to camouflage the large volume with small windows and projections, and fit it into the scale of the surrounding environment.


设计事务所 Keikichi Yamauchi architect and associates
地点 日本, 札幌市
项目建筑师 Keikichi Yamauchi
面积 397.53 m2
摄影 Koji Sakai




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本, 札幌市