Mini Cooper 展位(东京/巴黎/底特律/日内瓦)


dan pearlman Markenarchitektur 为 BMW Group 设计的分别位于东京/巴黎/底特律/日内瓦的Mini Cooper 展位。


The automobile legend MINI has evolved into a modern cult brand. Eye-catching design, unusual driving characteristics and quality are part of its identity. The brand also embodies urban living, defined by a particular humour and a close relationship with fashion, design and trends. These values and contents were continuously being reinvented by the brand architecture. Black areas and coloured »frames« acted as key elements of corporate identity that shape the brand’s spatial image.

dan pearlman developed various exhibitions for MINI in Tokyo, Geneva, Paris and Detroit. These MINI worlds in international shows were abstract urban impressions.

BMW presented itself in a clear language of form that was reduced to its absolute essentials. The architecture became an essential part of the impressive media staging. A forty meter horizontal glass surface of LED diodes merged together with LED columns giving an overall image. Attention was drawn in a targeted way by constantly-changing content, colour, sound and moods each timed and based on the individual vehicle models.

Urbanity, post-modern lifestyle and design were at the center of the MINI presentation. dan pearlman abstracted and staged the cityscape by playing with different surfaces, graphics, light tone and lenticular imaging. The visitor was invited to actively partake in this world containing the brand values and the product philosophy.

Rolls Royce was persuasive in its restraint. A maximized presence of the automotive myth Rolls-Royce was achieved in a minimum of space under the premise “less is more”.


设计事务所 dan pearlman
地点 日本, 东京




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目录: 室内, 展览
地点: 日本, 东京