Karls Kitchen


Concrete Architectural Associates 设计,位于德国斯图加特。厨房亦是餐厅,打破了传统餐厅的界限,创造开放式的空间,带给食客不同的感受。


Karls kitchen is the new restaurant of luxury department store Breuninger in Stuttgart.

The kitchen is the free-flow restaurant’s central element.

The entrance to the restaurant is characterized by large glass fridges with fresh products that also function as a display window.


The guest’s initial experience is on coming in, walking through the kitchens, barely separated from the preparation of fresh products by a large glass wall.

To the left you can see exclusive sandwiches, fresh salads and homemade desserts being prepared. On the right you can take a peek into the warm kitchens, where traditional local classics, Asian and European specialities are prepared. The dishes, which change daily, are presented on a row of screens above the two kitchen counters.

The materials used reference the classic kitchen of grandma’s time; white tiles, black natural stone in combination with a terrazzo floor. The modern design in combination with new materials such as glass and stainless steel create a modern design with a link to the classic kitchen.


Opposite the kitchens is the bar, a free-standing element between the free-flow restaurant and the seating area. The bar’s function is twofold: on the kitchen side, cakes and pastries made in-store, fresh juices and beverages are offered.

The bar adjacent to the lounge area tempts one to sit at the bar and enjoy a nice glass of wine, a glass of local beer or one of our coffee specialities.

The materials used for the bar create a connection between the restaurant and the kitchen. The bar is made of wooden tiles in the same dimensions as the kitchen tiles, on top of which is a black natural stone surface, creating a warm appearance and being functional at the same time.


The restaurant is divided into 3 different seating areas, each with its own identity and character. First of all there is the traditional seating area, which refers to Breuninger’s history and the traditions within the department store, as well as in Stuttgart. The modern seating area represents the Stuttgart of today, and the Lounge is the refuge and, at the same time, the connection between the modern and the traditional seating areas.

An overarching element connecting the spaces to one another is one long wall with graphic wallpaper. Where walls are interrupted by glass panels or doors, the glass is decorated with the same print, but transparent, thereby maintaining the overall image.


设计事务所 Concrete
地点 德国, 斯图加特
项目团队 Rob Wagemans, Melanie Knüwer, Charlotte Key, Erik van Dillen, Sofie Ruytenberg (graphic design)
面积 1 000 平方米
摄影 Ewout Huibers




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地点: 德国, 斯图加特