Miramon Office Complex


AZPA 设计,位于西班牙。希望改善圣塞瓦斯蒂安米拉蒙科技园的办公环境,同时减少能源消耗。


Our proposal aims to improve the environmental and energetic behavior of the office building typology that has been implemented in the last decades in the technology park of Miramon in San Sebastian. The insertion of the linear office typology in complex topographical conditions such as the hill of Miramon produces uncomfortable working environments with high energy demands given that a large ratio of the office spaces are often adjacent to slopes with no natural light or ventilation. As a result this typology doesn’t generate a natural working environment and requires the insertion of additional courtyards and forced ventilation increasing the consumption for cooling and lighting.

Instead we propose a dendritic office typology that opens up to the Miqueletegui avenue to the West and connects with the slope to the East. The proposed typology, on the one side will open up to the views of the neighboring landscape allowing for a direct connection between the working spaces and the city, and on the other by reducing the depth of the floor plan to 15m, will minimize the artificial lighting consumption and will enable natural ventilation.

In the proposed typology the vertical circulation strategy is also optimized. In the East facade adjacent to the slope, a linear nuclei of lifts and stairs is proposed to link the ground lobby with the roof top access. In this main spine running North-South parallel to the slope, all the common spaces and wet rooms will be located and the office fingers will be connected. The typology follows the underground car park structural grid of 7.5 x 7.5 opening up in level 1 and 2 to increase the amount of light to the two courtyards that open to the landscape. These formal shifts will produce terraces for the use of the offices at both levels 1 and 2. The typology will also provide flexibility for the office management enabling the 1600m2 floor plan to be divided in units of 400m2 for each finger.

The envelope of the building is resolved with a unitized double glazing system that follows a 1.2m module with no visible frames to the outside defining a continuous glazed surface. The system includes operable windows every two modules which will be utilized for natural ventilation of the building during the day and for cooling of the concrete slabs during the night. The glazed surfaces will be fritted with a linear algorithmic pattern that will leave a clear area between the heights of 1.05 and 2.10 from the slab.


设计事务所 AZPA
地点 西班牙
面积 8 750 平方米




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地点: 西班牙