EX 科学博物馆, 奥地利


frediani+gasserarchitettura 设计,位于奥地利。白色的钢制结构,与周围森林形成强烈的色彩对比。


EXPI is a museum of applied sciences, which also bears the name “House of the Experiments”, primarily concerned with teaching and communicating about physic. The museum is run by a scientific association that organizes exhibitions, conferences and seminars. The building is located in a natural area, covered by a beautiful forest, not far away from the Drau River. In order not to spoil the almost untouched nature of the place, we decided to build something that would not directly recall the traditional image of a house, or of a box. No residential settlement in this area, please! It is for this reason that we have thought of a building consisting only of a floor slab and an envelope for both walls and roof. The white painted steel and silver gray sheets make EXPI as an abstract object, curious and a little bit mysterious. The contrast with the intense colors of surrounding nature reinforces the idea of “artificial” and the concept of the museum as a human product, created to observe and study the physical phenomena. Its form is really elementary: on a rectangular shape, two curved shells that switch places in the transition between the experiments classroom and the small auditorium. Here you enter the volume through a small, fully glazed space. Inside, a zenithal light slides from above. The front facades are closed with translucent polycarbonate panels. To the west, the steel sheet is extended to also cover an open space, intended for outdoor activities. The building is designed to be easy enlarged in the future: just remove the light head wall and extend the curved roof to create new functional spaces.


设计事务所 frediani+gasserarchitettura
地点 奥地利
面积 524 平方米
摄影 Ferdinand Neumüller




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目录: 建筑, 文化
地点: 奥地利