AI 文化中心, 奥地利


frediani+gasserarchitettura 设计,位于奥地利。作为奥地利军队的培训中心,拥有一个可以容纳400人的礼堂和10间接待室。木质屋顶,悬臂式结构,令人印象深刻。


On a mountain saddle of the Lienz Dolomite, about 1.200 meters high, is the new technical training centre for the Austrian army. It houses under its thin roof, an auditorium for 400 people, 3 conference rooms, 10 reception rooms, a cafeteria and other services. The building is covered by an impressive wooden roof, an almost 5 meters cantilever structure, in order to protect the building itself and to create a large terrace opened on the mountains landscape. The glazed foyer divides the complex into two blocks: the auditorium has a homogenous coating of gray slabs of Eternit, while the other part of the building has covered by narrow strips of natural larch. Despite being a compact volume, the relationship between interior and exterior is very varied and you can enjoy different situations and transitions from the natural scenario to the closed space. In-between. The large roof overhangs the entire complex and projects its protective and curved shadow on the volumes below. At the evening, the roof is standing out against the volume due to a subtile lightning effect.


设计事务所 frediani+gasserarchitettura
地点 奥地利
面积 1 545 平方米
摄影 Ferdinand Neumüller




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目录: 建筑, 文化
地点: 奥地利