LOVE architecture and urbanism 设计,位于奥地利。该项目为一栋办公建筑,位于格拉茨旧城的中心区,城堡山的山脚下。该项目主要是对原有建筑进行翻新和改造,并加建一些结构,以满足多种目标。


The project, an office building of the Landesimmobiliengesellschaft (provincial real estate department), is situated in the heart of Graz’s old town, on the northern part of the Karmeliterplatz (Karmeliter Square) and at the foot of the Schlossberg (castle hill). The project goals were to adapt and renovate the building and to add annexes that met the following objectives:

• Upgrade the facades both architecturally and thermally;

• Modernize and adapt the existing buildings;

- improve workplace quality

- offer complete accessibility

- adapt to new fire protection OIB-regulations

• Enhance the building components connecting the buildings to form a closed, functioning complex. One of the most essential requirements was the construction of approximately 2 400 m² of office space to hold the “House of Generations” – a group of the most important Styrian governmental institutions concerned with youth and family. In terms of urban development, the fundamental idea was to use a connecting building to join the three existing buildings, which were already connected with each other and were used together, thereby forming a square. Analysis of the history of the building development on the Karmeliterplatz revealed that such a formation existed from the 17th century up until the middle of the 20th century. Within the renovation project, part of the building on the Karmeliterplatz was demolished to reopen a previously existing arcade, thereby restoring public access to the interior courtyard. Additional structures were also added to close off the courtyard area, and plants and greenery were added to this courtyard area, which had previously been used as a parking lot. It is expected that the public will make extensive use of this area, and flexible furnishings (e.g. tables and benches) were added to both the courtyard and the arcade to encourage such usage. The following goals guided the design of the new buildings and the modifications made to the existing structures:

• Uncover and expose the valuable old building structure •Develop a new design to replace or incorporate the modifications from the 50s and 60s, which would link with the new construction to restore the valuable closed layout of the earlier design.


设计事务所 LOVE architecture and urbanism
地点 奥地利, 格拉茨
面积 9 855 平方米
摄影 Jasmin Schuller




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地点: 奥地利, 格拉茨