Nousfit Warehouse


Hideo Horikawa Architect & Associates 设计,位于日本东京。一层是工作区,二层是仓库。在这有限的空间内,设计师让仓储面积最大化。


This building is a workshop-cum-warehouse of the neighboring company. The first floor is the workshop, and the second floor is the warehouse. In this limited space, the warehouse storage area was maximized.

Incorporating a concept that robustly expressed the client company into this building was an important theme.

The client is a company that supplies professional shampoos and cosmetics to beauty salons, and studies the science of hair and hair growth.

A portion of each pillar penetrates the roof, supports the roof, or supports the shelves.

Although one of the important functions of this building is that the design of the pillars support part of the structure, this building’s presentation exists where the pillars are a metaphor for hairs and evoke the image of the client’s brand: creating strong hair.

Although it departs from general architectural actions for constructing buildings, starting from a non-architectural action of “penetration” is a part of my work that is on the border between my architectural works so far and art.

Now, I am trying to discuss architecture through the coalition of two conflicting non-architectural actions of “penetration” and “enclosure”.

Two conflicting non-architectural actions of “penetration” and “enclosure”.

Is it possible to explore a piece of architecture from a non-architectural action that is not constructive? In the ongoing project under construction, I attempted to think about architecture by enclosure.

Unorthodox architectural methods, which are created from an unconscious trace of the hand, retain control over me.


设计事务所 Hideo Horikawa Architect & Associates
地点 日本, 东京
项目建筑师 Hideo Horikawa
面积 39.74 平方米
摄影 Katsuhisa Kida




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