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Boué Arquitectos 设计,位于墨西哥。没有过多的色彩搭配,暖色调带给顾客和员工舒适温馨的感觉。


This proyect is located west of México City and the challenge for Boué Arquitectos was to carry out the design and construction of this home furniture and accessories store in 350m2. The space has two levels so the distribution of areas was done with the clients and operation in mind to result in an efficient and productive ambiance.

The products exhibition also defined the general concept of project therefore all the spaces were used to achieve the most of them. A very cheerful color palette in warm tones was selected to emphasize the friendly and comfortable atmosphere both for customers and employees.

The circulations allow easy access to all the areas in the shop and make it very easy for the employees to help the customers. In the first level wood and concrete were combined to have an ideal finish for intense traffic that is easy to clean and maintain. An elegant staircase made of wood and glass leads to the second level where the meeting room and offices are located to have more privacy.


设计事务所 Boué Arquitectos
地点 墨西哥, 墨西哥城
设计师 Gerardo Boué, Agustín Funcia
摄影 Gerardo Boué




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