Pimkie 品牌店


dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH 设计。粉红和橙色的搭配,让人眼前一亮,带来快乐与和谐的购物体验。


Backstage—Front Stage—Pimkie

How do you become queen of the catwalk?

Under the banner of »Pimkie puts you on the stage of life« the brand architects at dan pearlman developed a new shop and communications concept for the international fashion company Pimkie. The first store opened in Berlin on November 3, 2005, and further nine shops followed all over Europe by the end of February 2006.

A catwalk divides the store into a product presentation area and a payment area, as well as offering a suitable stage for the three main Pimkie collections: trend, casual and feminine. A generously proportioned backstage area with changing cubicles, which can be combined into double sized cubicles if required, invites visitors to spend time in the store and to go shopping with friends. At the same time, temporary campaigns, such as shooting or styling sessions, offer an appropriate beauty and fashion forum for the younger generation.

Pimkie demonstrates a feeling for modern life, something that is more than just pink and orange, more than just an affordable brand – Pimkie is a world in itself. That’s why dan pearlman developed a completely new graphics language especially for Pimkie, which incorporates the wall coverings, backstage seating, and communication. Selected store music, tactile elements and a fresh colour and form language add to the powerful feeling of life expressed here, as well as ensuring a sensual and integral »Feel Pimkie« experience.

For Markus Roschel, chief executive of Pimkie, they are well on the way to becoming the brand of a European generation. »Our target group is young, which is why our prices are affordable. But beyond this, not only do we want our customers to be able to enjoy high quality shopping they can afford, but we also want them to try out and experience our fashion, in order to develop their own style. This feeling of life and integral concept also finds its expression in the new stores. Because it is here that we offer our customers a fashion world in which customers can find their

own style with which to present themselves – always different, and always affordable. «

Feel Pimkie – Pimkie brings you on the stage of life

Importantly, the »stage of life« symbolises the sensitive phase of growing up, particularly for the core group of 15-25 year olds. A phase in which they test how they are perceived in the outside world, in which their feelings go through highs and lows, and in which they identify with and emulate their role models. dan pearlman has incorporated these feelings and expectations in the Pimkie brand philosophy, and created a coherent brand concept for the whole of Europe, a concept which, thanks to the new architecture, is something that can be experienced not only by the customer.


设计事务所 dan pearlman
地点 德国
摄影 diephotodesigner.de




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