CosmosDirekt 品牌店


dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH 设计,位于德国。白色与绿色的搭配,简洁大方,使整个店面充满清新的活力。


The People in the Background — Digital vs. Real

An online insurance provider with a brand embassy in the real world? Germany’s largest direct insurer CosmosDirekt enters the brand experience in physical space for the first time with its visitor center.

The first Cosmos insurance agent is available for shaking hands in Saarbrücken for customers in the Saarland region. We accompanied CosmosDirekt on the exciting path to real life and designed their brand launch according to the visions of the insurer.


设计事务所 dan pearlman
地点 德国
项目设计师 Marcus Fischer | Creative Director Brand Experience & Exhibition | Founder & Associate of dan pearlman




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地点: 德国