Loetje, Laren NH


Concrete Architectural Associates 设计,位于荷兰。设计师以白色与黑色营造出一种经典而时尚的气氛。



The overall design concept is to place an urban interior in a more traditional and rural surrounding. Starting point was to create a “grand café” with a bar like atmosphere. The intention was to create two worlds within the experience, while the appearance should reflect one world.

We found the solution in materialisation, one type of flooring and the ceiling of light shades, which connect the bar with the restaurant area. The bar and restaurant differ in furniture and have a variable table setting, round tables in the bar and rectangular in the restaurant. The bar is the central point in the restaurant.

Additionally we connected the restaurant with the kitchen. Not in a constructive way but by means of a 14 meter long photoprint, suggesting craftsmanship, quality and tradition of Loetje.

Short story:


Loetje originaly started in Amsterdam as a normal Café, 30 years ago. After various request of the guests, loetje started to serve food, more specific ,steaks.

Nowadays Loetje is famous in Amsterdam and surroundings, for their simple way of preparing the steak. After opening a second bar in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, the owners where now given the opportunity to start a bar in Laren as well.

Loetje Laren,

When entering Loetje, the guests are directly in the bar, the central point of the restaurant. From this point the customer can see the whole restaurant.

On the left, the area serves as restaurant. This side has various seating arrangements, there’s a long bench alongside the wall, and there are two tables at bar height, so curious guests can overlook the restaurant. In the middle is a bench (back to back) enclosed by two workstations.

The conservatory, overlooking the market square, has 3 long tables at normal height and give place at 8 pers. each. The long tables give a more familiar feeling and guest will be placed at the random available places. In the restaurant, We have chosen to place small rectangular tables, this gives the opportunity to create a very long table if neccesary.

The right side is the bar, it varies in appearance only by the shape of the tables, here they are round. In the bar area people can also choose between various tables, there some higher tables, and there’s one big round table for loetjes most regular guests.


设计事务所 Concrete
地点 荷兰
项目团队 Rob Wagemans, Erik van Dillen, Jari van Lieshout, Jeroen Vester
面积 270 平方米
摄影 Ewout Huibers




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地点: 荷兰