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PROCESS5 DESIGN 设计,位于日本。对原有二手车展厅进行翻新改进,装饰着照片和各种体育器材,提醒人们去度假。同时让客户充分感受到二手车带来的与新车完全一致的纯粹驾驶乐趣。


A select car shop where you can choose your lifestyle

This was a project to convert a major car manufacturer’s car showroom to a second-hand car showroom specializing in imported cars.

Due to the image that a second-hand car dealer sells old things and the image that its products are of less value than those of a showroom that sells new cars, it is a fact that many customers who buy second-hand cars fell like they are making a compromise.

There was a request from the client that they would like customers to buy cars in an easy-going manner according to fashion and they would like them to feel the authentic enjoyment of choosing even a second-hand car.

Therefore, we incorporated a sales method similar to that of an apparel select shop that has selected objects for customers with value according to a sense of security and trust and we proposed a select shop that sells cars selected by the second-hand showroom from cars from all over the world.

First of all, we constructed the whole showroom with 3 L-shaped walls.

We displayed photos and sports equipment that remind people of going on holiday in their car on the red brick L-shaped wall which bears a close resemblance to red-brick building and we displayed photos and sports equipment that remind people of cars that not normally visible in everyday life on the white brick wall which bears a close resemblance to a house renovated from a warehouse.

The wooden board L-shaped wall that goes from the approach to inside the showroom is painted with the words ‘ENJOY CAR LIFE’ which was a request from the client and is produced to make a carefree and easy-to-enter space with the combination of the deck, grass and stage that are continued from the exterior.

Each different part is a space like a garage, like a living room, like a study, like a lounge or like a restaurant, expressing the lifestyle that each customer dreams of.

Through these 3 L-shaped walls, the whole showroom has become a space in which customers can experience the world view of cars and their future lifestyles.

Along with building the second-hand car showroom, a repair shop for after sales services, a sheet metal shop and a car wash were also built. Being aware of a sense of unity with the showroom, we proposed a sense of security and a world view that cannot be obtained from a traditional second-hand car showroom from which a customer buys a car and then has no more connection with it by having customers feel the existence of these extra facilities with the continuity of the decor.

We aimed to create a shop to express the showiness and excitement of cars in the space overall, to have customers fully feel the enjoyment of choosing a car and to make it possible to select a car according to fashion.


地点 日本
项目设计师 Ikuma Yoshizawa, Noriaki Takeda, Tatasuya Horii
面积 165.84 平方米




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地点: 日本