Summa College


这是 diederendirrix 事务所完成的一所学院的翻新与扩建,位于荷兰埃因霍温。设计师使用可活动的元素搭建了一个灵活的布局。


This Summa College accommodates health and welfare training courses and, after extensive renovation and extension, covers an area of 18.000 m2. Currently, the school entrance is located in the inner square and the school faces away from the Genderpark. In the diederendirrix design, the school and park are interrelated and unimportant side buildings are removed so that the inner square becomes one with the park. The school can be recognised by the new entrance on the Willem de Rijkelaan which also serves the park. The dated, disorganized interior is completely removed and replaced with a flexible layout. Sliding elements are envisioned for the now empty floors and may consist of offices, conference rooms, group rooms, etc. The positioning of these elements also allows larger rooms such as lecture halls, instruction classrooms and demonstration areas to be created.


设计事务所 diederendirrix architects
地点 荷兰, 埃因霍温
项目小组 Paul Diederen, Michiel van der Wielen, Marco de Groot, Michael Louter
完成时间 2012




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目录: 建筑, 教育
地点: 荷兰, 埃因霍温