nodo17-architects/ Manuel Pérez Romero + BUNCH (Sara de la Mata) 设计,位于西班牙。绿色,黄色和红色,庞大的规模建筑演绎了一幅极致的视觉画面。


We propose an ambiguous project, with an urban vocation. In contrast to the great works of the urban planning programs in the suburbs, we go back to the scale and density of the historical center.

How many doorways do you see in a ten minute walk in the urban planning program in the Vallecas Extension compared to the number you see in the same period of time in the historical center of Madrid?

Perhaps 5 compared to 50.

A double block, half way between the closed block in the suburbs and the closed block in the historical city.

We are interested in fragmentation and compactness, two terms which are primarily opposed but compatible.

A compact project formed by different parts

An unitary closed block which is divided into small towers

A project that is seeking its position as it changes in height, from the fragmentation of the ground floor to the compactness of the first and second floors, dissolving into independent pieces on the upper floors.

A dialogue between two systems, the collective and the individual. Between the massive, collective system of the lower floors and the ‘single-family unit’ towers, resting on them.


设计事务所 nodo17-architects / Manuel Pérez Romero
地点 西班牙
项目建筑师 Birga Wingenfeld, Michael Moradillos, Félix Toledo Lerín
摄影 Amparo Garrido




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地点: 西班牙