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这是 AQSO arquitectos office 为一家基金会的办事处所做的室内设计,位于北京。设计方案由一些模块化的元素(玻璃隔断、集成家具)连接而成,功能上包括了办公室、教室、工作间以及多功能厅。


The head office of this agency is articulated through modular elements, glass partitions and integrated furniture. The facilities include offices, classrooms, workshops and a multipurpose hall.

This foundation is located on the central business district of Beijing. The center, hosting administrative and cultural activities, has a simple character combining form with colorful elements.

From the entrance, where the reception desk and a waiting area are located, the spaces are arranged along a central corridor defined by varying ceiling heights. The natural eastern light is softened through translucent glass partitions and doors.

The materials used in the project include light wooden floors and neutral plaster on walls and ceiling. The pieces of furniture, -made in lacquered medium density fiberboard and painted to match the rich company colors- contrast with the surrounding atmosphere.

Close to the waiting room, a small library made of several modular cubic pieces works as bookcase, reading area and playground for children. The multipurpose room evokes the character of a classroom with chalkboard painted walls.


设计事务所 AQSO arquitectos office
地点 中国, 北京
面积 200 平方米




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目录: 室内, 文化
地点: 中国, 北京