该方案是由 Mandaworks + Hosper Sweden 设计,位于芬兰,荣获国际建筑设计竞赛三等奖。



Mandaworks and Hosper Sweden have been awarded third prize in the open international architectural competition in Mikkeli, Finland. From 107 proposals submitted last October, Mandaworks and Hosper Sweden were one of five teams selected to continue work in the second stage. On April 25, 2013 the results were announced. Winners of the contest were Arkkitehtitoimisto AJAK Oy . Mandaworks and Hosper received € 30,000 for the third prize. The competition was organized by the municipality of Mikkeli and sponsored by the Finnish Association of Architects. Mikkeli is a medium-sized municipality with 80,000 inhabitants, most of whom live in the urban area Mikkeli. The municipality is located in eastern Finland. The purpose of the contest was to find a model for how Mikkeli can densify around and best utilize the lakefront in an ecologically sensitive & holistically sustainable way.


“A proposal which is rich in ideas and has involved extensive research, whose ecological approach is one of the most praiseworthy in the competition. Besides broader green issues at area level, the work has also put particular effort into in-depth planning at detail level. Illustrative images and cross-sections packed with action and events captivatingly display the author’s strong sympathetic approach to the landscape and the local environment.”


Stretching for self-sufficiency, Resilient Mikkeli binds together the new lakefront in a symbiosis of diversity with form fitting landscapes. Ranging from performing wetlands to an inter-woven civic promenade, the lakefront is alive with activity. With innovative public and private spaces that engage local residents, recognize seasonal variation, and immerse residents in nature, our strategy is to create 5 self-sufficient zones around the central lake of Satamalahti. Defined by the existing landscape, each of the individual zones is composed of a personal block structure that integrates into the existing fabric and terrain. Utilizing the strict grid of the city center and the established birch plantings, Resilient Mikkeli brings a variety of living types, building typologies, and plot sizes.

Within every development zone, we have developed a self-supporting eco-structure. With designed ecologies fit into the landscape, our proposal stands on four pillars: a connected water cycle, a balance of energy use and production, an effective waste management cycle, and a closed loop of local production and consumption. The goal is to reach a carbon neutral development and make Mikkeli’s lakefront a flagship project for a sustainable, hybrid and self-sufficient city.


Mandaworks was founded in the Netherlands in 2009 and was established in 2010 as a limited company in Sweden. Founder and owner is Martin Arfalk. Hosper was founded as a Dutch office in 1991 and in 2006 Patrick Verhoeven opened Hosper Sweden in Stockholm. Mandaworks and Hosper Sweden have worked together for several years in close cooperation. The two offices main focus is landscape architecture and urban planning and have utilized this knowledge to develop a platform for urban design. The proposal “Resilient Mikkeli”, included the following participants: Martin Arfalk, Patrick Verhoeven, Nicholas Bigelow, David Bonsib, Gregorio Chierici, Anne Nijland, Manon Otto, Patrick Brooks, Katarzyna Paradzińska, Marlene Thelandersson.


设计事务所 Mandaworks + Hosper Sweden
面积 93 ha
地点 芬兰




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目录: 城市规划
地点: 芬兰