Atelier Norisada Maeda 设计,位于日本。清晰而精准的轮廓线以及动静之间的平衡,设计师将意大利当代画家卢西奥·丰塔纳的作品演绎成建筑。


Cut through air. Italian painter Lucio Fontana had left works in which he would just rip up blank canvases with palette knives. The implication of it is that the act of ripping leads to an ex-post discovery of a situation where ‘tensile force is exerted upon the canvas surface’ which was up to then not visible to the eye. Project ‘FONTANA ’involves replacing this ‘canvas’ with ‘air’. The originally homogeneous volume of air on the site is ripped up by 7 arched devices(GARDEN). ‘Nature’ would flow through these cuts inside to draw ever-changing contour lines.


设计事务所 Atelier Norisada Maeda
地点 日本
面积 site 365.25m2 / total floor 181.90m2
摄影 Sin Photo Work




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目录: 建筑, 住宅
地点: 日本